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A little update

An update for ya.

Spring is springing and I’ve got a lot going on lately. We’ve been doing some remote recording for some clients here at Gravity Boots Recording (at Walnut Falls) and still plugging away at my solo record. I had planned to release that this spring but things got so busy that it’s gonna come out at a later date. However I’ve got a surprise coming up that’ll hold you over until the new record comes out. More on that later.

I’ve been enjoying some regular shows here in Nashville. My band, Ashleigh Caudill & Pickin Party has been playing every other Sunday morning at The Electric Jane. It’s been real fun to pick for a great group of locals and tourists together in such a neat space. Every Wednesday and the alternate Sundays I’ve been playing bass with my friends Sheriff Scott & The Deputies. It’s nice to get to play some good bluegrass and sing the high harmonies.

Other than that there have been a ton of private events, studio building projects big and small, writing, gardening, daily Easter egg hunts and baby chickens!

I hope your spring is going well and that you’re sewing the good seeds in your life and the world so we can all have a better harvest to celebrate together later. I know I’m tryin!

Remember to check the Live page to see where I'm playing next. If you're interested in some super fun exclusive musical content hop on over to my Patreon page. You can support at any level or just pop in for free. Its a lot of fun.


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